I love Korean outfits so thats what this blog is going to be all about. If you are into kpop, Korean dramas, or just anything in general about Korean fashion, then you’ll want to stay tuned for my next post!

korean outfits big cover

A little bit about me. Me name is Cindy K and I really love all things Korean. My favorite kpop bands are Super Junior and Wanna One for the boys and TWICE for the girls.

My favorite TV show is Running Man, but I have to admit that I enjoy watching the older episodes more than the current ones.  I’m currently watching the one where they went to Macau and bungee jumped off the tower. I love the ones where they travel, bu I also really enjoy seeing the sights in Korea. In Seoul there’s so much to do! After they changed the PDs and Gary left, the show just isn’t as quickly paced and engaging as it used to be.

My favorite Korean drama is What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim starring Lee Seo Joon and Rachel Park. It’s a really good show about a man who falls in love with his secretary once she decides to quit.

I’ll be posted more about my favorite Korean outfits soon, so check back later!

For now, here’s a cute video showing Kim Dao’s favorite kpop outfits in Seoul.

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