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One of my favorite Korean outfits is the dress with a t shirt look. You’ve definitely seen it. It’s basically where you have a very low cut dress with a skirt that flares out and has a big, baggy t shirt underneath. Without the t shirt the skirt would probably not be something you wear to a family picnic. But, with the t shirt it becomes a really cute outfit you can wear any wear.

This style is super Korean and is very big in 2019. I saw it here and there last year, but this year I am seeing it even more. It seems to be getting more and more popular.

The T Shirt

korean light brown dress with long sleeve cream shirt outfitAs for the combination of the t shirt and dress for this outfit, you can’t just use any 2 together. They need to complement each other. That doesn’t mean that they have to match each other, though. In fact, if trying to get them to match usually doesn’t look very good at all. For example, if you have a red dress and a red shirt underneath, it will probably look strange.

The only way I have seen this even come close to working is when they are the exact same color. This is usually only going to happen when you buy them together and are of the same brand and everything. Also, if you wear one more than the other, the exposure to the sun and the constant washing and drying will make the colors fade. So, you would always have to wash them together as well. If you didn’t one would be more faded than the other and the colors would be slightly off from each other and would look bad. That’s all just way too much trouble.

with gray shirtInstead, get something that compliments well. Use contrasting colors, or colors that go well together. A lot of girls wear this outfit with a white t shirt, which works really well. You can wear almost any dress over that because white goes with everything. Black goes with everything, too, so you can try that. Or, mix the 2! Another type of shirt that is really popular for this outfit is a white and black horizontal striped shirt. It doesn’t have any color, so it literally still goes with any color, as long as the dress part isn’t too fancy.

The Dress

The dress can’t be too fancy. Casual dresses work well. It should be low cut, otherwise it will cover up too much of the shirt. This dress can do double duty because you can wear it with this outfit, or you can wear it without the shirt at all when you want to show a little more skin like on a date.

Cotton/polyester blends work really well for this dress. I don’t like 100% cotton because cotton wrinkles really badly. You’ll have to iron it really well, which I think is way too much trouble for any outfit. I don’t know about you, but I think ironing clothes is just too much to ask. It should come out of the dryer at least kind of smooth. Then, as you wear it, your body heat will take care of the rest. If it’s still wrinkled after that, I just don’t bother.

Dealing with Wrinkly Clothes

So how do you know if it’s going to be wrinkly?

You can look at the washing instructions on the tag and read what it says. But, you know that when you’re shopping for clothes, you’re not going to read every single on. That takes too long. Shopping involves enough decisions as it is. You have to decide if you like it, if it matches with anything else you already have, if it fits, what accessories you can wear it with, So, adding something to the list is not something I want to do.

100% cotton clothes are going to be the most prone to wrinkling. I like cotton and polyester blend, which is where it say a certain percent of cotton and a certain percent of polyester of something else. Spandex is another material I like to see mixed in there because that wrinkles even less than polyester and make the clothing stretchy. The stretchiness is more comfortable and gives you a nicer fit.

Here’s a great video from Nuria Mia showcasing this style in her latest fashion haul from YesStyle.com.

I hope that helps you on your search for what you need to wear your own shirt and dress combo. Remember, you can mix and match this Korean outfit so have fun with it!

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